Gold and Grey

A stylized vision of an afternoon thunderhead rolling across the desert near Lake Pleasant, Arizona.

Boots 'n Wine

The synergy of both the rugged and refined aspects of life are depicted in this stylized arrangement for a client

Valley Mitten

A mitten stands out sharply agains the sky in Monument Vally

Desert Dusk

The sky radiates a primrose glow behind an Ironwood tree draped lazily over burnished desert boulders north of Wickenburg, Arizona.

Blazing Hill

The setting sun highlights the tips of the desert brush in a reddish glow along a hillside in the desert north of Wickenburg, Arizona.


Looking out into Monument Valley

Shadow Bowl

A Native American Indian pottery bowl is illuminated by a single shaft of light on the floor an excavated adobe ruin in Phoenix, Arizona.

Arroyo Fuerza

Sunlight strenghtens the hard edges of the rocks and vegetation in the foreground while the deepening shadows soften the background of this desert arroyo.

Cliff Haven

Anasazi ruins from the 12th century were nested in the cliffs at Canyon de Chelly for protection from both nature and man

Desert Hills Reflection

A soft breeze across the desert hills ripples the lake and bends the shoreline cattails beneath wispy clouds.

A Thin Line

A delicate spider web catches the light between tow puple pear buds.

Shadows of the Past

The classic shapes and shadows from this black and white image evoke a feeling of times not so long ago.

Starr Pass Green

Nestled in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona, Starr Pass golf course provides some of the most challenging "target" golf in the country.

Cradle of Fire

Dried sagebrush, fallen into the slot canyon, is cradled on a ledge and sits like tinder waiting to be ignited while the canyon walls soar above with a flame-like quality of their own.

Orange Twist

Sunlit sandstone from above glows softly in the caverns below.

A Light from Above

A shaft of light reflects off the cavern floor and lights the way through a passage at Antelope Canyon, near Page, Arizona

Banded Bonds

A striated cliff wall revealing layers of sandstone and the coloration of centuries of mineral laden rain water dripping into the canyon from above.

Yellow Ridge

The stacked rock formations of Monolith Gardens, near Kingman, Arizona, rise up in strange shapes and at odd angles from the surrounding desert brush.

Stick figures

Joshua Trees, Agave and Cholla cactus adorn the desert in a surreal landscape reminiscent of a Holloywood movie set.

The Turmoil Above

A thunderstorm roils and boils above the desert floor near Red Rock Canyon in Nevada

Three Stars

Faro Viejo

Old lighthouse near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Slippery When Wet

A painting-like rendition of heavy surf washing over the rocks and creating tidal pools along the shore at Depoe Bay in Oregon.


A windmill and tree defined in shades of tan, brown merges upward to a peach/blue sky near Willcox, Arizona.

Branching Out

A butterfly ventures out on an Acacia twig looking for nectar in the last remnants of its drying blooms.

Golden Journey

A fishing boat skirts across the bay as the sun drops quickly toward the horizon.

Tufted Gold

Acacia blooms add brilliant yellow orbs of color to the desert spring in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Angel Hair

The angelic pink thread-like petals of this desert brush are highlighted by the setting sun.

The Long Walk

I'm sure that, inclement weather at Marshall Point Lighthouse in Maine, could make this walk tseem very long and foreboding, indeed.

The Queen's Garden

A cloudy day at Windsor Castle provides just the right light to capture the vibrant colors in the Queen's private garden.

Palace Card

An HDR image of Hampton Palace stylized to look like a postcard.

Cheeseburger in Paradise

A seaside restaurant in Lahaina, Maui provides a spectacular view for dining.

Bridge Work

The Brooklyn Bridge under repair with the Manhattan Bridge in the background.


Trees and plants cling tenacioulsy to the seaside cliffs in the Del Monte Forest of California

Fountain of Time

The beautiful but unused fountain in front of the abandoned RC Harris water treatment plant in Toronto

Gervais St. Bridge

The evening sun lights up the river bank and the architectural details of a beautiful old bridge in South Carolina.

Edsel Center Grill

Chrome and rust accent one another in this HDR image of a junkyard Edsel.

Vermont Barnyard

Red barn with fall colors backdrop in a verdant green field.

Under the Pier

The sunset from beneath Crystal Pier on Pacific Beach, California.

Evening Tide

Waves encroach steadily on the beach at sunset near Crystal Pier in San Diego

Last Chance

Storm clouds brew on the horizon as two fishermen continue to cast out their lines

Blue & Gold

Abandonment Issues